About Us

About Us

Welcome to Fit Foodie Inc., My name is Theresa, founder of Fit Foodie Inc. My journey to health and wellness started 15 years ago in Houston, Texas. I was a personal trainer who was having a hard time getting my clients to reach their goals. Although my clients all worked very hard with me in the gym, they weren’t seeing results as fast as they should have been.

I realized that one area I didn’t have control of was their nutrition, which we all know matters so much more than training. So I took the guess work and frustration out of their hands and began preparing meals for my clients. This is when the magic started happening…and fast!! This is also when my fitness journey changed forever. I became a Certified Nutritionist and armed myself with all the nutrition knowledge possible. My passion for amazing tasting HEALTHY food was born. By proving that healthy food tastes good, I will absolutely help you meet your goals, and most importantly will NOT make you feel like you are on a “diet”.

Fit Foodie is based in Woodbridge, Ontario. Meals are always made fresh on Sundays and Wednesdays and delivered the same evening. I deliver throughout the GTA.

I provide a new 2-part menu every single week consisting of Breakfasts, Meals, and Snacks. I cook for a variety of needs/preferences such as: keto, vegan, celiac, food intolerances, certain macros, etc..

I also cook for families and individuals who want healthy prepared food on hand. The meals I prepare are for YOU, so whatever your personal needs are I can meet them.

Should you have any questions about Fit Foodie or the services we provide, please contact me at any time.